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top-rated MT4 & MT5 trading systems, Expert Advisor (EA) comparison tables are all based on verified LIVE trading.


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Check out our List of the Best Forex Trading Robots with High Profitability!

Best Forex Robot and Expert Advisors (Live EA Tests 2023)

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Expert Advisor

                                    BEST FX NETWORKS_BRITISH

BEST FX NETWORKS_British - Profitable Expert Advisor MT4 Forex Robot trades on GBPUSD currency pair. It is based on a Neural Networks strategy. No scalping, or averaging, Works at most brokerages, Easy set-up, 100% automated, Live Verified results, 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.

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Live Statistics with the Real Money Results The developer of Best FX Networks Robot provided us with one live trading performance account

by the third-party company FXBlue. Best FX Networks- Real




License $99 - $149

BEST FX NETWORKS - Top Forex Expert Advisors 2023 - Best Forex EA's | FX Robots


No scalping, or averaging Easy Parameter, the built-in magic number. 

There is no need to disconnect the expert at the time of news release  Works at most brokerage Work with All Brokers, ECN, STP, Micro, or Cent Accounts. 

Automatic risk adjustment from total assets.  Easy set-up, 100% automated Full Time support. Very much helpful and possessive at the same time. 

Each customer is important. 100% Verified results Only live account. No extra actions after starting.

 Installation of the trading advisor in a few steps.  

BEST FX NETWORKS WORKS In our EA we use special algorithms for opening trades and, most importantly, closing them afterward.  

This allows us to most cases close our positions in total profit  100% Hands-Free! No manual interventions required

Additional information



Trading Platform

MetaTrader 4

Min. Deposit Amount


Monthly Gain




Strategy Type

Neural Networks EA

Currency Pair



1:50 or Higher

Time Frame


Broker Compatible


Number of Real Licenses

1 lifetime license




30-Day Money-Back Guarantee




Expert Advisor

                                    BEST FX NETWORKS_BRITISH



Expert Advisor

              BEST FX NETWORKS



License $199 - $279


Expert Advisor       

       Fx Pro Gold ROBOT


Expert Advisor         

       Fx Pro Silver ROBOT


License $199 - $279



Check out our List of the Best Forex Trading Robots with High Profitability!

We put together a list of the

best forex robots and EA providers that you'll be able to find online.

Get the Best Forex EA's 2022 - 2023, top-rated MT4 & MT5 trading systems,

Expert Advisor (EA) comparison tables are all based on verified LIVE trading.

Best software runs automatically on your computer without any input required from you.

You're free to go to work, spend time with the family, or just relax while this FOREX EA

Trader is entering and exiting trades for you at all hours of the day and night.

All you need to get started is a computer, an Internet connection, and you're set!

We know times are tough and budgets are tight.


What Is An Forex Expert Advisor (Robot)?

An expert advisor (Robot) is a specially designed software that can carry out trading functions.

This software notifies forex traders of opportunities and advises them on the trades they should make. An expert advisor can also manage trades in the place of the forex trader
Programmed using Meta Quotes Language (MQL), an expert advisor works on the Meta Trader platform.

 The Meta Trader platform is an online platform for forex traders. The expert advisor comprises a mathematical model that uses trade signals to determine the best entry points into trades.
Some forex EAs gather data on forex markets and then send trading signals to the trader. Others analyze this data and use it to decide the best time to enter a market.

What your expert advisor does depends on the way you have programmed it.
You can even program your EA using specific instructions. The expert advisor will then make trades according to those instructions while you are occupied.

How Can YOU Use Forex EA (Forex Robot)?

After installing an EA (Forex Robot), you need to set its parameters according to the trading strategies you want it to use and the functions you want it to have. Using the parameters, the Forex EA analyzes different trading opportunities and decides whether or not to invest in them.

The Forex EA (Forex Robot) does this through a set of questions incorporated into its mathematical model. Using these questions, it makes a decision about the trade.

How Do Forex Expert Advisors (Forex Robot) Work?

Expert advisors (Forex Robot) make the trading process automatic, helping you make a profit through trades.

 They use technical indicators and trade parameters to identify profitable trading opportunities. 
After you attach an EA to a chart on your MT4 platform, the forex expert advisor will analyze market conditions and use them to advise you on trades to make.

 It uses different factors and situations to draw conclusions about the direction a market will go.
When making trade decisions, an EA follows a set of rules or conditions. With these conditions in place, the EA manages trades on behalf of traders by entering and exiting markets as needed.
The functions of an EA range from advisory functions to making decisions for you. What a certain EA does depends on the type of expert advisor it is and how you have programmed it.

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